Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh Yeah...College...

So remember when I said that I was going to make time to cook? Well I do! I just don't make enough time to blog! But thank goodness for spring break, because here I am...blogging. So there's a lot to catch up on food wise, and I can't fit it all into one post, or else you'll stop reading. So here's a little bit of what K and I have been up to in our small college New York kitchen. (I'm also going to apologize in advance for the absence of enticing pictures, I didn't have time to shoot them because we were usually starving!)
Recently, one of my friends who is studying abroad in Japan emailed me to ask what he can do to prepare a yummy eggplant dish. (Apparently eggplant is abundant in Japan.) I knew he had busy days so I started thinking of easy, hard to screw up recipes. I remembered that when I was studying abroad in London, and eggplant was cheaper than water at farmer's markets, my roommate and I discovered this simple, fool proof recipe. (It really is so simple, I feel silly calling it a recipe, but it's just so good!)
1) Start by slicing the washed eggplant width-wise about 1/2 in. thick (so the slices are like circles).
2) Then in a pan on the stove warm up (on medium to low heat) some olive oil with some chopped garlic and sliced red oinions.(amounts are really subjective, but i love garlic!)
3) Let that simmer for about 3 minutes, covered
4) Then add as many slices of the eggplant as will fit in the pan, but make sure the slices are completely touching the bottom of the pan so they get that grilling taste. Cover the pan with a top to keep moisture in. Let sit til they brown a little (a tiny bit!) and flip with a spatula til the other side is slightly golden. The olive oil should soak into the eggplant, if it gets too dry you can add more oil.
I like to put these eggplant slices in sandwiches, pitas with some hummus, or even in a stir-fry with rice and other veggies. They are delicious warm right out of the pan or as leftovers cold from the fridge.
Hope you all enjoy this! Let me know what you think!
More to come very soon, and enjoy the increasingly warm weather!

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